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Auditing Quality Software

The Quality Assurance (QA) department at Microhouse provides the framework for software quality and ensures that the entire software development process follows an established standard. It is their responsibility to ensure that all work leaving the development centre conforms to the quality requirements according to customer specifications.

The QA department is responsible for auditing the quality of software development and managing alterations to any deviations. Additionally, QA works closely with project implementation to understand the plans, verify their execution, and monitor the performance of individual tasks. Microhouse has a well-defined methodology for exhaustive testing which results in excellent quality control.

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Within the framework of the QA Task Force, we have the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) that oversees the implementation of quality management systems with the goal of achieving and maintaining quality standards. It is the responsibility of this group to ensure high emphasis is laid on the quality and timeliness of the deliverables, and that international quality standards are followed at Microhouse.

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